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Are you ready to feel healthier and happier?

Are you ready to feel healthier and happier? but don’t know where to start!

Well… you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how Natalie & Back to Life studio can help you transform your life.

The conundrum of this crazy life causes us to lose our way but trust me, there is light at the end of that dark tunnel, and sometimes we just need someone to guide us back to find our spark and reignite our passion for life again.

I decided to became a Pilates instructor and health coach in 2014 because I truly believe that movement and connecting with our body is vital for our happiness, as Joseph Pilates once said;

“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”

So now I combine the skillsets of a Pilates Movement Therapist, Health Coach, Counsellor and Allied Health Assistant, to offer my holistic wellness service.

There’s no doubt about it, making significant and meaningful change in your life can be really challenging, especially if you’re facing your own kind of health crisis, be it physically or mentally.

I want people to know that despite their past or current situation there is hope, you can still turn your dreams into reality and that it’s okay to seek help when you feel you need it, as nearly everyone wishes they’d done it sooner.

Change can be challenging even if it's for the better but you don't have to do it all alone...

Here’s how my health coaching approach works…

I provide a total wellness package that incorporates the MIND, BRAIN, BODY & SOUL. as they all have an equal role to play in who you are and who you will become.

The Mind – As a health coach we work together to harness your strengths and connect you to your intuition to find the real heart of what you desire for a healthier, happier, more inspired life and why.

Shifting you from survival mode to thriving through empowering techniques such as… 

The Body – You’ll have access to my diverse wellness toolkit, meaning you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own physiology with a real focus on brain and nervous system function by exploring and applying various methodologies; such as….

  • Pilates 
  • TRE -Tension, Stress and Trauma Release exercises.
  • Somatic exercises to support a healthier and more calmer and resilient nervous system bringing the body into balance to function more efficiently.

The Soul – We often forget who we really are, so these mindfulness practises will help you discover the very core of the real you! I believe we are all spiritual beings inside a physical body, and once we connect with our innate wisdom we can be guided by what really feels good for our overall wellbeing, raising our awareness to watch our life transform beyond all expectations

So… are you ready to transform ?

Let’s chat today!

I personally guarantee that if you do the work, you will have an unprecedented level of awareness that creates positive lasting change, in all area’s of your life. – Natalie Watson

Health Coaches

Health Coaching FAQs

Your Wellness STRATEGY Meeting $197 = This is a 1.5-hour session where we commence the groundwork for your health journey and plan your subsequent coaching sessions.

Ongoing Support 6 pack $297 = Six weekly 30-minute coaching sessions via phone or ZOOM (whichever you prefer) as well as further email support from me as your coach.

Tune Up sessions $55 per 30 minutes = or increments of; either in person, via phone or ZOOM

Total Wellness package $1670 = 10 x Pilates studio classes, 6 x Neurofeedback session, 6 x Coaching sessions.
Yes I offer weekly payment plans – refer to my pricing page in the menu bar above.
Also see my Inner Peace Bootcamp.

Yes absolutely, if you are a Parent Carer like myself – I offer 10% off.

Here is a basic outline of how we will work together.
Step 1. We assess where you’re at across all areas of the wellness wheel and where you’d like to be and by when.
Step 2. Discover why you want/need the change to occur, what vision inspires you and gives you energy for life.
Step 3. Implement Strategies to combat what drains your energy, creates challenges, obstacles and self sabotage to keep you on track
Step 4. Track your results, gain confidence and build momentum, or re assess re align and refocus
Step 5. Transition to personal empowerment by identifying key learnings and taking responsibility for continued healthy habits and lasting change.

So what exactly is a health coach?

A health or wellness coach is someone who offers a supportive relationship and partnership… They help educate, encourage and guide you towards healthy behaviours and support you to take small steps in the areas of fitness, nutrition, weight management, health risk and stress management. And most importantly… They provide structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration to enable a person to learn, grow and develop beyond what he or she can do alone. So kind of like a personal trainer but without going to the gym.

When would you need a Health coach?

When you’re sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired.
When you want to change but … you’re being ambivalent.
When you feel you’ve lost your spark.

Wellness Coaches

Health or Wellness coaches are a new breed of professionals. Just like positive psychology has grown out of a need to help people become happier, not just deal with mental disorders, wellness coaches work with people who may already be at a good point in their lives in some areas, but wish to reach their potential in some way that has yet to be satisfied.

“Wellness” is about optimal wellbeing and although it covers all four elements of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, coaches very often start with the physical which can open the door to better wellness in all other areas.

However, as the demands and complexity of daily life increase, wellness coaches often find themselves supporting clients in overcoming barriers to change that relate to personal, organisational, time management or a multiple of stress related causes.

Wellness Coaching FAQs

Wellness is a subjective experience, it involves moving towards optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

A wellness vision is a picture in your mind that focuses on health and vitality.
It evokes feelings and inspires action with a sense of excitement and satisfaction.
Creating your own vision will help you keep on track and reach your goals quicker.
Based on your vision for a healthier life we develop goals and wellness strategies around diet, exercise, stress management, mindset, health maintenance and disease prevention.

This can depends greatly on your health concerns and overall goals. I usually allow 1.5 hours for our first Wellness Strategy meeting followed by 6–8 weekly 30 minute phone calls or Video call via ZOOM.
However, all of this can be discussed openly and agreed upon during your first Wellness Strategy meeting.

Wellness Coaching is a relatively new yet growing field, and while it’s an unregulated industry, meaning you don’t necessarily require any particular certification to practice as a health coach, however most course providers have prerequisite in order to enrol for certification as a Health or Wellness coach.

  • An Accredited certification in fitness, wellness, nutrition, healthcare, or a related field (IE: already hold a personal trainer certification)
  • A minimum of two years work experience in coaching behaviour change, exercise, wellness, or physical activity

Thus, Health Coach is not an “entry level” certification. Only those who have proven experience and passion for helping people create lifestyle changes are eligible for a health coach certification.

I began studying in this field back in 2015, completing the PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING with one of the industry’s leading RTO’s Wellness Coaching Australia.

I strongly recommended that you choose a certified coach, to ensure they that they have a certain level of training and experience to confidently support you. and that they adhere to the coaching or counselling guidelines around privacy and confidentiality.

In short, in most cases YES it is, however there is a process and I am happy to discuss this with you or your support coordinator.

Note; that as I combine all my skill sets of an AHA, Health Coach & Pilates Movement Therapist; I offer my service as an ‘Allied Health Coach’ whereby I can collaborate professionally with your Functional or Integrated Medicine practitioner, GP or Allied Health Professional’s to help support you towards optimal movement, health and wellness empowerment.

If you are an NDIA participant you may qualify to have a Psychosocial recovery coach see here for more details.
Psychosocial recovery coach information (PDF 227KB)

Integrative medicine is a philosophy of healthcare with a focus on individual patient care. It combines the best of conventional western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies.”

Affiliates – Ask me about my Integrated Medical Practitioners and other Wellness partners.

Yes I do! I love creating transformative workshops and Co/hosting mini wellness retreats inclusive of a Pilates Mat class or two.
I offer tailor made wellness workshops, movement classes or presentations for your community group or business.

Back to Life Wellness presentation & workshops:

  • Preventing Burn Out – Understanding Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Movement for Menopause & Beyond
  • Brain Training – The benefits of Dynamical Neurofeedback
  • Pilates – Scents & Sense-ability (where Movement therapy meets Aromatherapy)
  • Intuitive Goal Setting & Creating a Vision for a positive future
  • SHAKE IT OFF- Improve sleep, reduce stress, anxiety and tension naturally with TRE
  • Caring for the Carer -Self Care for special needs parents and care givers
  • And so much more…

Please Email –

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!

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